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Limassol district

Pachna Village

a story of many centuries

Pachna, an aesthetically pleasing and picturesque village situated within the metropolitan district of Paphos and administratively affiliated with the province of Limassol, is approximately 35 kilometres distant from the city of Limassol. The mean elevation is 650 metres above mean sea level, with a range of 400 to 775 metres for the surrounding region. The pristine natural surroundings of the village are exquisite. It consists of a variety of cultivated and uncultivated lands teeming with wild vegetation, in addition to an abundance of trees (including carobs, olives, and almonds) and vineyards. The village is surrounded on the northwest and northeast by minor tributaries of the Ha and Paramali rivers, which complete the overall landscape.

Things to do

The village of Pachna is filled with marvellous and alluring sites. The nature trail, Wineries and Viewpoint.


Pachna Village