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Agia Marina Chapel (Agiasma)

About the Chapel

A splendid and impeccably maintained chapel is situated atop the village’s highest point. It is consecrated on July 17, the feast day of Agia Marina. Due to the villagers’ devotion to Agia Marina, an additional church was constructed within the community. As an expression of reverence for Agia Marina, the Agathangelos Giakoumis family constructed this church in close proximity to the remnants of an earlier structure and in close proximity to her Agiasma. On the mountainside to the northeast of the chapel is Agiasma. It was discovered following a vision of a village woman who was afflicted with a malady. The woman was cured shortly after its discovery, and shortly thereafter, Miltiadis Telemachou, the ecclesiastical commissioner at the time, assumed financial responsibility for the restoration of the Agiasmas as a tribute to Agia Marina.
Agia Marina Chapel (Agiasma) in Pachna Village
Agia Marina Chapel (Agiasma) in Pachna Village
Agia Marina Chapel (Agiasma) in Pachna Village

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